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Horizontal foam cutting Machine

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Our Bandknife splitting machine GY-1700-CONV.1 can be used to skive & cut all kinds of expanded rubber (Neoprene), Cork, PE,EVA foam products guaranting 1mm thickness tolerance.

The Touchscreen lead automatic thickness control system provide very accurate and easy operation. The machine can be incorporated into a continuous production line


Materials to be split:

Blocks and slabs made of expanded rubber (Neoprene), open and closed cell foams, sponge      rubber, EVA, PE foam, PVC flexible foam, Cork cellular, foam plastics and similar materials     with a shore hardness in the range of 8-90 degrees.


Fields of application:

 ■ Packaging industry (electronic components)

 ■ Automotive & construction industry( gaskets,sound and shock absorption)

 ■ Sporting goods, cushioning and leisure goods






The material is fed towards the continuous bandknife by two driven feed rollers.

Height adjustment of the upper feed roller(100mm) by servomotor and adjustment of     the bottom roller(200mm) by servomotor.

The position of the feed rollers is indicated by a Touch screen Control Panel.

Continuous bandknife which is sharpened during cutting.

Automatic bandknife adjustment:

   The front edge position of the blade is monitored by an electric eye and automatically moved forward to maintain the correct position.

 ■ close cutting tolerance will be  +/- 0.1mm(+/-0.005")

 ■ motorized height adjustment of the feed rollers with electronic indication of their position.

 ■ electronic adjustment of the bottom roller to the correct layer thickness:

   range of adjustment 1-200mm (0,04"-7.89") with increments of 0,1mm(0,03")